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Trash The 3 Month Rule, Here's A Better Rule…

Yes, I said it, trash the 3 month rule! Now ladies, before you get your panties in a bunch, I’m going to need for you to here me out on this one. If you can recall a few weeks ago I posted an article called ‘The 3 Month Rule VS. Celibacy‘, and I mentioned that I have a new rule for those ladies who couldn’t seem to wait too long, but don’t want to rush into intimacy. There may be those that disagree, however this new standard raises the bar to another level by helping you filter out those who are casually playing the field, over those who are serious about a meaningful commitment. Behold the ‘6 Month Rule‘!

Let me first start out by saying that the ‘6 Month Rule‘ is in no way an attempt at playing dating games. I despise dating games, but I’m all for women setting some standards. The ‘6 month rule‘ is similar to the ‘3 month rule’, the only difference is the length of time given is longer to allow your suitor to reveal his true character.  You might be thinking that the ‘6 Month Rule’ is not that big of a difference, but don’t underestimate the major impact that time can make.

Time makes all the difference, and the reason why I created this rule was because during the first 3 months of dating you’re interacting with the other persons dating representative. Chris rock once made a statement on this:  “When you date…have you ever notice when you meet somebody for the first time, you’re not meeting them. You’re meeting their “representative”. Then after a about 3 months you meet the REAL Candidate”.

Rock’s statement is totally true. As I stated in my other post, the honeymoon phase of the relationship is when we are conscious of everything we do, or say around our love interest. At this point we’re extremely aware, and even find that we portray ourselves in a different light. The critical turning point in dating is after the 3 month hump, and anything before this point is just smoke and mirrors. My friend, this is why the 6 month rule is your biggest tool.

During the 6 months of dating there are tons to be determined.

  • What are his intentions with you?
  • What are his short term goals?
  • What are his long term goals?
  • Do you have the same life goals?
  • What do you both have in common?
  • How was his childhood growing up?
  • What is his relationship with his parents?
  • Do you have natural chemistry?
  • Who does he have as friends?
  • Does his good, out way his bad? And can you tolerate his bad?

In order to get to know your guy, you’ll want to pace yourself ladies. “The race is not to the swift, but to those who can endure’. As long as a man is consistently spending quality time with you, give him the time-of-day unless you see that it isn’t worth your while. On the other hand, if you hit if off real well, you guys can become exclusively committed but refrain from any sexual escapades until the 6 month. However, If the both of you are not exclusive yet, the 6 month mark is definitely a time to determine whether you guys want to be exclusively committed or not. Keep in mind, if the 6 month mark comes and your beau has not yet confirmed exclusivity then you may just want cut your loses, and move on. Ladies, your time is precious and there is no room to waste it. In any case, you’ll walk away with your head held high, and your dignity still intact.

Now, there will be men who don’t want to wait longer than a week before jumping into the sack, but this is where a potential suitor will do you the favor by automatically eliminating himself. If your looking for a meaningful relationship, you wouldn’t want a man who is only interested in your body anyways. The 6 months passes by in a flash, and if a man can’t invest a mere 6 months, that will tell you everything.

I understand that the ‘6 Month Rule’ doesn’t guarantee a perfect scenario, but it does empower a woman in the dating field to make better choices in her love life. Furthermore, several men have actually agreed with this ‘6 Month Rule’, which might be surprising for some. The ‘6 Month Rule‘ is something to consider, so ladies DON’T sleep on it!

Would you consider practicing the ‘6 Month Rule’? Do you disagree with the ‘6 Month Rule? Why? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


Shawna Kay ( Blissed Out Belle )

Kay is a Lifestyle & Empowerment Enthusiast, and the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Blissed Out Belle™. Connect with her on Facebook here, and follow her on Twitter @BlissedOutBelle .

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  • Kitty

    So basically the 6 month rule is EXACTLY the same as the 3 month rule but the length of time practiced is different?

    • Blissed_Out_Belle

      Exactly! Only time will tell the quality of man that your dating. Allowing more time in the dating process before intimacy, gives you an upper hand in determining whether it’s a proper match for you.


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