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The Death of Mediocrity

Here lies mediocrity it died a slow and grueling death because it was no longer serving me.  May it rest in peace.  There were no tears shed at all for mediocrity; just pure happiness being expressed that it was finally gone.  I hopelessly danced with mediocrity for years, thinking that it was the customary thing to do.  We all know this feeling of playing life small, going along with the status quo and not having that self-fulfilled life you’ve always dreamed of.

I always did everything right, as I was socially conditioned to do.  I graduated high school, chose a career field, went to college, and then moved to the Big Apple to pursue my career.  Once I finally settled into the career that I thought I wanted; I realized “Hey, this is not what I want for myself”.  I knew beyond this I longed for something more, and I had to find it.  I had to get real with myself and face what I avoided, and this epiphany led me on a journey of self-discovery.

I realized that what kept me with mediocrity for so long was that it was my familiar comfort zone, and I was scared of uncertainty. Most people are scared of uncertainty, and rather have the everyday ho-hum, but why is that? We were never taught anything different, and we didn’t bother to question what was.

Disheartened by my circumstance, I was determined to live on my terms, and that’s when the whole game changed.  Synchronicities began to happen, opportunities, things, and people started to show up to support me in this endeavor. All my encounters blaze the trail for a quantum leap into the ‘brand new me’.  And this all began when I set the intention and decided that I wanted to live a bold and empowered life.

Are you ready to live a bold and empowered life ? Here are 3 tips to launch you out of mediocrity:

1. Awareness & Responsibility                                                                                            Everything starts with awareness, and with this awareness comes responsibility. It is up to you to take responsibility for where you are right now.  Yes, you heard correct.  Blaming others like your parents, economy, significant other, etc., is giving your power away.  How are you to live a Blissed Out Life sitting in the passenger seat?  Take your power back now!

You have to take an inventory on your life, to figure out what areas you are playing small in. You will definitely know which areas by assessing what areas you are most unhappy with, and this will pinpoint what needs upgrading.  The major areas to assess are Work/ Career, Financial, Health, Relationships, Lifestyle, Family, and Spirituality.  You can begin by choosing one of the major areas, and analyze the current state of it.

2. Clarity & Decisiveness                                                                                             When you have clarity, you have the ability to decide specifically how it’s going to be from now on.  You have to get a clear vision on how you want to live your life, because a “Man without vision shall perish”.  With the newfound insight from your assessment, you will embark on setting some clear-cut goals in each particular area.  Deciding to set goals is a powerful force set in motion to bring about your ideal life.

Lets get cracking on creating long-term goals and then short-term goals.  The short-term goals will relate to your long-term; these are the baby steps towards the long-term goals. Ensure to craft goals that motivate you.  As your jotting down your ambitions, let your ideas flow freely, and do not limit yourself.  When you’re finished putting pen to paper, start refining your goals by making them specific, measurable, relevant, and time bound.

3. Action Plan                                                                                                                    You haven’t really decided unless you have taken some new action.  Success is right outside your comfort zone, therefore immediate action must precede your decision.  You must use your short-term goals to implement your action plan.  Make that phone call, do some research, take that class, whatever the first step may be, do it now!  It will take courage to make your move before your ready, but if you have that scorching drive to do so, it will be effortless and self-moving.  Taking consistent action will help you build momentum to push you forward to that Blissed Out life you’ve always wanted.

Utilizing these 3 essential steps will propel you from a life of mediocrity to magnificence; you just have to have the blazing desire to do so.  So the next time your singing the ‘woe-is-me’ song, keep in mind it’s your responsibility to finally lay mediocrity to rest.

Are you living a mediocre life?  How has it been panning out for you?  What do you think is holding you back from living a Blissed Out Life?  Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


Shawna Kaye

Kaye is a Lifestyle & Empowerment Enthusiast, and the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Blissed Out Belle™. Connect with her on Facebook here, and follow her on Twitter @IAmShawnaKaye .

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