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Eliminating The Pressure To Be Perfect

We’re all chasing some form of illusion, and one of the biggest illusions is perfection! This term has generated a tremendous amount of anxiety and frustration, and is also counterproductive to our wellbeing and sense of wholeness. In essence, perfection implies that we can never fully be happy, or content given that we’re burdened with living


6 Ways Men Might Be Winning In The Dating Arena

In the dating world, it appears as thought it’s one small step back for woman, and one giant leap ahead for the men, because men are having their cake, and eating it too! Apparently, there are a number of men that are NOT committing, courting, or being exclusive with women, and yet they still get


Coming To Terms With Feelings Of "Not-Enoughness"

Are you buying into the negative mind chatter of thoughts of not being enough? Well, you’re not alone; most people’s deepest fear is that no matter what they’ll never be enough. Ultimately, these feelings lead many to engage in frivolous actions in an attempt to finally be whole. At the core of these emotions lies the belief


8 Signs You're Ego Trippin' Off Social Media

Tell the truth, when you post to a social media site like Facebook or Instagram, do you feel subtle angst when others don’t like or comment on your post? If you’re keeping it real with yourself, and the answer is yes, this means you have allowed social media to cause you to ‘Ego trip’. In


Dose of Inspiration: Every Woman Should Have And Know…

EVERY WOMAN SHOULD HAVE AND KNOW… “A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE …. enough money within her control to move out and rent a place of her own even if she never wants to or needs to… A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE …. something perfect to wear if the employer or date of her dreams wants to see



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