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Shall I Dumb It Down For You Dear?

I am, who I am, and I make no apologies for it! I can be a little raw, and unfiltered sometimes, but my magnetic mix of sass and class charms the pants of some people. My responses’ can be playful and witty at times, and men love that about me. There is never a dull moment over here, because I will always keep you on your toes. Although, many of my suitors would adore me for being me, I would end up clashing with a guy whose mind was still stuck back in another era.

This particular fellow came across as a very conscious and spiritual guy. He was knowledge about many enlightening topics, so of course I thought we would definitely click. Our conversations were going great, and I must admit it was great to discuss various conscious topics with someone who was a truth seeker like myself. All was well, until he pulled his jerk card, and that changed everything.

After only two decent conversations, I began to notice that buddy ol’ pal would get irritated by my sassiness. He took everything I said personally, and made it an issue. In his opinion, he thought that I had an Alpha female personality. This was such a hasty judgment from a person who didn’t know me all to well.

All the same, what does it mean to be an Alpha female? Being an Alpha female means to possess confidence and assertiveness. She is not afraid to ask for what she wants. The Alpha woman doesn’t believe in playing the weak damsel in distress, so she exudes her leadership, and intellectual problem solving skills. Alpha women are usually witty because she’s powerful and has a playful personality.

The Alpha female statement could be taken in a positive light, but the way he referred to it in this situation was negative. What this guy basically wanted me to do was turn down my authentic personality, and refrain from having any real opinion. This knucklehead wanted me to be his pushover, his doormat, and his ‘yes’ woman. Not to mention, he was trying to divert the conversation towards sex, and I had to put him in his proper place for that.

It stunned me to see this coming out of a man who claimed to be oh so self-righteous. But ladies don’t be fooled there are many men parading around claiming to be someone he’s not; and only time will show their true colors.

At any rate, to bad I couldn’t dumb it down for him, or lower myself to make him feel more like a man. I love the playful sassy side of me, and I won’t conform to anyones expectations. I’m comfortable enough in my own skin to know that if I ‘dumb it down’, it would be to the  detriment of my self-worth. Nevertheless, I came away from this experience with tokens of wisdom. This experience taught me to always uphold myself in the face of judgment or ridicule, and it also gave me a new standard to stick by. If a man tries to mold and make me into what he desires me to be, I would have no other option but to leave him in the dust.

Bottom line, I couldn’t play small for a man, neither should you. In no way should you play down your intelligence, opinions, or education to meet the standards that others have set for you. There will always be at least one person that doesn’t appreciate your authentic self, but always remember how you feel about yourself is what counts above all.

Have you ever dumbed it down for a guy? Why? How would you handle a situation in which your personality is challenged? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


Shawna Kay ( Blissed Out Belle )

Kay is a Lifestyle & Empowerment Passionista, and the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Blissed Out Belle™. Connect with her on Facebook here, and follow her on Twitter @BlissedOutBelle

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