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Selling Out & Cashing In For 15 Minutes Of Fame

Gone are the days, when people became famous based on real talent; in this fame hungry society, there’s no lack of people selling out and cashing in. People will go to great lengths to get a shot at stardom, or to even extend their 15 minutes of fame. And it can be said that women have a lot more to lose when it comes to selling out, than men. For women, their shot at stardom often involves how marketable her sex appeal is. Nevertheless, there are ton’s of women looking to be the next ‘it girl’, but at what price are they willing to pay?

Low and behold, there is a price to pay in selling out for fame and fortune, and it’s not what you think. It can take a psychological, or emotional toll, and it can even be a huge blow to the self-esteem and worth. Nevertheless, at some point the 15 minutes of fame will be up, and then they’ll have to go back to their regular lives. At any rate, there are people that will succumb to the pressures to give in just to get ahead, and this might include pushing the envelope far beyond their standards. So, if you think you want to be famous, think again.

farrah-abraham cashing in

Nowadays, it seems as though you have to create controversy behind your name for people to even remember you. You have to conjure up the most jaw-dropping publicity stunt as to get your shot at stardom. With this knowledge in tow, there are plenty of young women lining up for their next big break. For instance, you have young girls like actor Laurence Fishburne’s daughter, Montana Fishburne, who right out of high school aspired to become an adult video star in the hopes of becoming the next Kim Kardashian. (whose career also took off after her infamous video with Ray J) Having such a bright future ahead, what would posses a young woman like Montana to descend to such low levels? However, she’s not the only one.

farrah-abraham-sophiaThe latest person to hop abroad the sell out train is 21-year-old Farrah Abraham from “Teen Mom”. Recently, the former ‘Teen Mom‘ cast member made a sex tape which she claimed was leaked, and she later sold to Vivid Entertainment for a reported $1.5 million.  The video called ‘Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom‘, since it’s launch on May 6 has had 2 million viewers in just 12 hours; trumping the previous record held by Kim K and Ray J, which attracted only 600,00 in the same time frame. This stunt obviously was an attempt to extend her 15 minutes of fame. The 21-year-old even went as far as defending her decision to cash in on her body. In a short video posted on Keek she explains her decision, by basically stating, “You have companies that are interested, so why not sell it? And that’s what I did.”

Clearly, Farrah is a young woman lost. It comes as a total shock to me that she would stoop so low, and to tell you the truth, out of all the teen mom’s on the show, she was the last person I would’ve ever thought would do something like this. Now, I’ve completely lost respect for her. If you’ve ever gotten the chance to watch ‘Teen Mom’, it’s a show that follows teenage mothers as they go through the day-to-day ups and downs of being a young mother. Farrah, was one of the girls I empathized with the most, because the father of her child had passed away in a car accident prior to her daughter being born. Throughout the show she struggled with the aftermath of the loss, along with conflicts with her mother, and trying to date as a single mother.

However, let’s get to the real heart of the matter here; she’s setting a horrendous example for her daughter Sophia, and this can have prolonged affects that she could’ve never imagined. Who knows the long-term repercussions that this fast cash might entail. Anyhow, Farrah’s past will come back to haunt her, when her daughter is old enough, she will eventually discover her mother’s dirty deed. It is evident that the attempt to stay relevant was a poor decision on her part, and at best when her 15 minutes of fame was up, she should’ve just bowed out gracefully. Furthermore, with all her connections from being on MTV, she could’ve chosen any honest career path, but why adult entertainment?

Let’s not forget those who paved the way for this ‘Selling Out & Cashing In’ phenomenon. If you can recall a certain heiress by the name of Paris Hilton, whose name shot to the top of superstardom with her infamous sex tape ‘One Night In Paris’. In addition, even her former gal pal Kim Kardashian’s career has notably skyrocketed as well from her notorious sex tape. The doors of opportunity have opened up for both women, and have received millions of dollars worth of endorsement deals, and their own reality shows.

Kim Kardashian & Paris Hilton

So, this is obviously what it has come to, women are using their bodies as a get rich quick scheme, and we’ve been accepting this as the new norm. Our society has clearly failed to set the proper example for the future generation of young women. There are girls idolizing, and looking up to these women as the epitome of success and fame. Can you sense the disconnect here? As a culture, I think this is the perfect time to shed some light on this topic, and not turn a blind eye as usual. The media has given these women far too much airtime over little, too no talent, and it’s about time we speak up about it. Let’s continue the discussion amongst ourselves, and young women with respect to becoming successful and renowned, without having to sell out or lose integrity. And who knows, the dialogue can bring about the start of something new.

In spite of all this, I’m not trying to knock anyone’s hustle. Of course, who wouldn’t want the fame and fortune that comes with being a public figure, but how about building fame off of some real talent? This is where I’m calling everyone to action. Awaken folks, and let’s begin to support real talent. Indeed, there’s an awful amount of great talent out here that gets overlooked, given that we’re allowing ourselves to be entertained by garbage. Understandably, anyone can sell out and try to cash in, but they can only cash in as long as we’re willing to buy. Ultimately we are the deciding factor on who can cash in, and to a degree you’re either apart of the problem or the solution. So, which one are you going to be?

Why do you think it has become acceptable for young women to sell out and cash in on their body? Do you find yourself buying into celebrities and brands that sell out? Why? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


Shawna Kay ( Blissed Out Belle )

Kay is a Lifestyle & Empowerment Enthusiast, and the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Blissed Out Belle™. Connect with her on Facebook here, and follow her on Twitter @BlissedOutBelle .

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