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On The Scene: The Survival Race

If your idea of fun is pushing yourself physically and mentally, then you’re just like me; daring! My idea of fun can be a little out-of-the-box at times, for example skydiving, but I enjoy any experience that is action packed with adventure. All things considered, I thought it would be great to get down and dirty in an all out obstacle race.

I’m always up for a challenge so when I saw the opportunity to participate in a  5K Obstacle Course & Mud Run, I had to rise to the occasion. So, a friend and I decided to enroll in The Survival Race, which would be my first obstacle race. Now, the main reason I joined this race was to push myself to see what I was capable of, and in the process grow from the experience. I understand that it’s in the moments when you face a challenge is when you fully come alive, and no man knows what they’re capable of until they test the limits of their self-imposed boundaries. With that being said, I wanted to see what I was truly made of.

The race would take place in Riverhead, Long Island on September 7th. Now, as the race day approached my friend would me encouraged me to train for it, but with my busy schedule I didn’t really have the time to do so. Apparently, my buddy here was already pumped and ready for the race because he plays football and practically works out everyday, so he brought his A-game to the race.

When D-day came I was suited, booted, and ready to go! As we stepped on the scene we spotted groups of muddy people that were finishing up the race, and they reminded me so much of the mud people at Woodstock. There were many participants from all age ranges, which allowed for a family oriented environment. All the same, we headed over to a table to check-in, and we were handed our official Survival Race t-shirt, race number, and a bracelet with a chip that would time how we did in the race.


The Survival Race

Suited and Booted for the Race

The race began with a countdown, and then it was an all out frenzy from there. I darted out ahead of my friend, then out of nowhere I heard him running up beside me only to run pass me and disappear off in to the distance. He was taking this race seriously, and he was in full-fledged BEAST MODE!

At any rate, the race was treacherous, full of adventure, surprises, and fun! The 5K course took us through the woods where we encountered steep hills, challenging obstacles, jumping over fire, crawling through mud, and it even took us to beach where we were on our hands and knees in the sand. However, the most challenging obstacle for me was climbing over the wall, but I still managed to do it anyway. When I was out of breath, I just jogged or walked, but no matter what I kept on going.

The Survival Race
Photo Courtesy of The Survival Race
The Survival Race Obstacle
Photos Courtesy of The Survival Race
The Survival Race Obstacle
Photos Courtesy of The Survival Race
The Survival Race Obstacle
Photos Courtesy of The Survival Race
The Survival Race
The Survival Race Mud Pit

The Survival Race

At the finish line of the race.

When I finally finished the race I was drenched in mud, and guess who I saw waiting for me at the end? It was my friend who ran pass me in the beginning of the race, only to be seen at the end. It was no surprise to me that he was in competitive mode, given that’s usually how men are. Nevertheless, I was excited to had finished, and to claim my dog-tag that declared I was “Survival Certified”.

The Survival Race

My friend and I, after finishing the race.



The condition of my sneakers at the end of the race.


Donated Shoes from The Survival Race
I donated my sneakers after the race, but could you believe they clean and repair these shoes
Washing Off The Mud from The Survival Race
Hosing off all the mud.
We have silly grins on our faces, but overall we had a blast!

My experience from the race was amazing, and I think I’ve found a new love; obstacle racing! Racing makes me come alive, and helps me to expand my limits, so this will be my new hobby. It took me 55:05.6 to finish the race, overall I came in 929th place, amongst women 402, in my age range for women 25-29 60th place. Under an hour was decent time, but I plan to do better next time. On the other hand, my friend did a superb job of finishing the race in 33:50.3, overall placement at 20th, amongst men 18th, and in the male age range 25-29 4th place! He had amazing results, but next year I plan to give him a run for his money. In order to do better next year I will start training from now. One thing I do realize about fitness, is that there are a ton of people that look in shape, but are not physically fit. The great benefit of races like this is that you get to see how physically fit you are.

The goal next year is to do multiple races that are even more challenging like the Warrior DashTough Mudder, or if I’m brave enough the Spartan Race. Not to mention, I might possibly put a team together that holds the same mission as myself; that is to push themselves physically and mentally. I believe in the importance of leaving the confineds of your ordinary existence, and to get out and experience life fully. Not only do activities like this improve your physical fitness, your life is more enhanced personal growth wise. Honestly, it gets me super charged and energized, feeling like I can conquer any obstacle that may arise in life.

Over all, The Survival Race was a blast! I came; I saw; I conquered; I thrived; but most I importantly SURVIVED!

Watch this video below, it will give you a sample of what I experienced in the race.

What did you think about my messy day at The Survival Race? Would you be willing to challenge yourself to get down and dirty in an obstacle race?  Express your thoughts, and join the conversation by leaving a comment below. 


Shawna Kaye

Kaye is a Lifestyle Coach & Empowerment Passionista, and the Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Blissed Out Belle™. Connect with her on Facebook here, and follow her on Twitter @BlissedOutBelle .

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