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Make Up Pretty vs. Wake Up Pretty

(Notice: This is from the Male Perspective, written by male contributor Larry Morgan)

Ladies: There are two types of pretty. Made-Up pretty and Wake-Up pretty. Even though they are pretty self-explanatory, some of you are unaware of which one you are. So let me help you. If you have to grab your make up every time you go out? You’re MADE-UP PRETTY. If you panic if you don’t have your hair done? You’re MADE-UP PRETTY. If you feel uncomfortable going somewhere when you’re not dressed up? You’re MADE-UP PRETTY. You’re the sum of your parts. You’re make-up, your hair and nails. Your outfit. These are the things that accentuate your strengths and cover your weaknesses. Take those things away and you look like a totally different person. You won’t spend the night with a dude in fear of him seeing what you REALLY LOOK LIKE. Some of you go from looking like a 10 to a 5.5 so fast it will make your head spin like the Exorcist. Made-Up Pretty women are not all the same, but they usually fall into these categories.

The In Denial Made-Up Pretty Girl: She thinks she’s Wake-Up Pretty. So she does very little to make herself presentable. She thinks she’s better looking than she really is. Everybody knows she’s a strong 5, but her. You have to give her props for confidence though.

The “I’m Made-Up Pretty It Is What It Is” Girl: She knows she isn’t the prettiest chick in the crew so she takes the time out to make sure she has her package together. She’s a realist. She accepts her shortcomings and works with them. We love her. She isn’t Halle Berry, but she doesn’t care. And most men don’t either, believe it or not.

The Overdoing It Made-Up Pretty Girl: She knows she’s not popping so she goes above and beyond to cover her flaws. She’s usually the one in the pics with so much makeup on that she looks like a corpse. She looks like a circus clown. She’s the one everyone is saying looks ridiculous in their head, but no one is saying it out loud. Basically she’s the walking joke of her crew.

tacky makeup

On the other hand, those who are wake up pretty don’t need to do much. They can wake up, wipe the cold out of their eyes, brush their teeth and be alright. They look THE SAME with and without makeup; with their hair done or in a scarf. In a dress, in heels, or in sweats and sneakers. They don’t NEED any of the bells and whistles. In many cases, the extras TAKE AWAY from the natural beauty they already have. I’ve seen women spend the night at my crib wearing a pair of my basketball shorts, and one of my oversized wifebeaters look prettier than women in full makeup, dresses and high heels. Like the ‘Made-Up Pretty Girl’, ‘The Wake Ups’ come in a couple of categories as well.

The I Know I’m Wake-Up Pretty Girl: This is overconfidence at it’s finest. She doesn’t do much of ANYTHING because she’s that pretty. It’s cool the first million times she does it. But then it eventually wears thin, and then a sharp tongued, straight shooting #PIPEBOMBing fella like myself has to bring her back down to Earth and hurt her feelings. Knock it off and put some lip gloss on or something. And take your hair out of that damn ponytail. There are bald headed chicks paying good money for what you’re taking for granted.

The Wake-Up Pretty I’m Not Drop Dead Gorgeous Girl: Unlike the ‘I Know I’m Wake Up Pretty Girl’, she has no problem throwing some lip gloss and some eye shadow on. She only goes hard with the make up on special occasions. She’s well groomed but isn’t going to die if she doesn’t get her hair done weekly. She’s confident but well grounded.

The I Have No Idea That I’m Wake-Up Pretty Girl: Trust me ladies, to us men, this is the most annoying out of them all. She doesn’t know how beautiful she is. Maybe she doesn’t have any mirrors in her house. No wait… She has to have mirrors to put on all of that make up. Basically she’s the ‘Overdoing It Made Up Pretty’ girl on the ‘Wake-Up Pretty Girl’s’ body. Which makes it worse. At least the Made-Up girl had a REASON to cover herself up. And since she doesn’t know how beautiful she is… No one else does either.

Makeup Overdone

Of course everyone would like to be Wake-Up Pretty. But let’s be honest, it’s not going to happen. Some of your favorite actresses and models are not Wake-Up Pretty. Actually, a majority of them look horrendous without their make-up and their stylists. If you had the money, the stylists, the personal trainers, and the nutritionists, you would look like they do. I’ve seen girls that actually look better than Beyonce. Beyonce to me is just average, like a 6.5 or 7. If you had the resources that a Beyonce, or a Rihanna has, you’d look like them or better; but you don’t, you have to work with what you have. How do you do that??? That’s not for me to say. Find out what’s best for you. The world (and your mirror) will love you for it…

Do you agree or disagree with any of the points stated? Do you feel confident enough to go without makeup? If not, why? Which of the categories do you believe you would fall into? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

-Larry Morgan (Guest Contributor)

Larry Morgan is a well-rounded outspoken New York guy, with a background in the field of criminal justice. And if you ever get a chance to pick his brain, he would have plenty to say about sports, health & fitness, and relationships.

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  • Monei

    Good reading/article. Keep it up!

  • Andrea

    I know exactly where I fall on this list. If I weren’t so comfortable with my reality I’d cry reading this. Good post!

  • Candace Fleming

    Very interesting article but Larry is on point here. I have a few friends that always leave with makeup on. I’ve hardly seen them without it on.

  • Sandra

    Rating women? What are you Larry a 2 or 3?


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