Intuitive Achievement Mapping

Intuitive Achievement Mapping

Intuitive Achievement Mapping 

If you’re a driven person who’s working towards brilliant business goals and/ or personal ambitions but find yourself running in circles trying to accomplish them, and you need urgent support because time is of the essence, then the Intuitive Achievement Mapping Session may be right for you. During this 90-minute call I’ll take you from feeling unclear and stuck, to Confident Clarity, Fiercely Focused, and having a Achievable Action Plan that will accelerate your results.

This is for you if:

  • You’re trying to stay on top of your game and goals, but you’re unclear and unfocused about your personal goals or business projects.
  • You have too many ideas with no concrete direction or clear vision, and you need help mapping out a plan to achieve them.
  • You’re preparing for a big presentation or interview, and you need to transform your mindset so you can operate at high performance levels.
  • You have blind spots that are stopping you from fulfilling your purpose and staying on the path to success.
  • You want to organize your priorities and life better so you can get more done in less time.
  • You’ve made some progress on your goals, but you’re not seeing the progress you hoped in view of the energy invested.
  • You’ve worked with me before and desire support on a case-by-case basis.

Doesn’t it feel great to know exactly who to call to get solid input on your business and goals when you need to get back on track! When we work together you’ll discover new ways to self-motivate, prioritize, clarify, plan, and take powerful action to accomplish your goals with confidence, joy, and ease. Just imagine walking away from our session feeling totally supported, absolutely clear, and completely productive without being stressed, overwhelmed, or spinning in your head.

Together On the call we will:

  • Clarify your vision so that your focus and actions are in alignment with the success you want to achieve.
  • Develop clear actionable steps and attainable goals that are broken down so they are easy, inspiring, and energizing.
  • Banish limiting beliefs, procrastination, and perfectionism by identifying and working through upper limit problems.
  • Cultivate powerful confidence so you can maximize your God-given potential and perform at high levels.
  • Get a boost of motivation and encouragement, so you can get rolling and continue the momentum.
  • Also, we can discuss anything else that’s on your heart and mind that will move you forward and brings your dreams closer to reality.

What The Session Includes:

  • A short-questionnaire prior to the session to begin the clarity process.
  • 90-minute deep dive session to bring your vision to life.
  • You’ll walk away with a personalized Action Plan that will help guide your next best steps to achieving your goals.
  • A recording of our time together so you can listen back and reflect on your learning.

 Book Your Intuitive Achievement Mapping Session Now!

After you click the “Book Now” button you will be taken to a Paypal payment page. You can complete your purchase via your Paypal account or enter your credit card information if you don’t have a Paypal account. After you’ve purchased the session you will receive and email that contains a link to my calendar to book your 90-minute session. Once you pick your time slot, we’ll be good to go and we’ll connect on whatever day and time you choose! If you have any questions or to set up your mapping session email me at .

Intuitive Achievement Mapping 
90-MINUTES $250

Intuitive Achievement Mapping 
Three Sessions at $675

* While our time together will be one of great insight, clarity, and planning, we will just be scratching the surface of your divine potential. That’s why I highly recommend you consider signing up for at least three Intuitive Achievement Mapping Sessions so we can have enough sacred time together to truly dive deep into your heart’s desire. But it is totally up to you. There is no pressure and I will not be “selling” to you on the call. My complete focus during the call will be on you and your wants and needs.


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