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I Kissed A Frog, And I Liked It!

Yes, I’ve kissed plenty of frogs; we all have!  Belle’s you will have to kiss plenty of frogs until you meet your prince charming; just grasp the idea that it’s a part of the process. Recognize that every guy you have chemistry or instant attraction with, will not be your prince charming.  Ladies don’t get disappointed.  Your attitude about dating will play a major part in your success.  If you expect disappointment from a date, life will mirror back to you that belief.  Realize the immense power that your attitude and expectation plays in your life.

I for one, have dated them all, from the bad boy, to the jock, the pretty boy, the nerd, the doctor, the uber spiritualist, the elitist, and everything in between.  I can recall times myself when I would be frustrated. When I got on the phone with a guy, he would get the wrath of my frustration in some form or fashion.  I didn’t want to have that chip on my shoulder, or be jaded. I had to shift my perspective on how I viewed dating.

In the past, I concerned myself with how a guy responded to me, however, now I’m more focused on me. When I made it about him, I would give my power away, and take things personally.  When I focused on me, it was more so about how this person was treating me, and how I felt around them.  I also would consider whether they were adding value to my life, or depleting me energetically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I began to judge everything from a growth perspective.

Disney’s The Princess and The Frog

Dating takes the ability to be resilient and bounce back from each set back with a little more wisdom than before.  Through the acquired wisdom you are able to better screen potential suitors quicker, and weed out the unnecessary immediately.  Once I allowed myself to reflect on all my past experiences in dating, I was able to take the golden nuggets of wisdom from each encounter. Not only was I able to clearly identify the wisdom and qualities that were best for me, I was also able to discover what aspects of myself that I needed to work on.

Does the last statement startle you? Of course, the princess will need to do some work on her self too; if she is to ever find her prince charming.  In the dating world, everyone is quick to shoot off a list of qualities they want in a mate, that they don’t necessarily posses themselves.  It’s not about just finding the right person; it’s about being the right person as well. Therefore, set out to work on yourself by sharpening your communications skills, eliminate bad habits, acquire new skills, develop your inner strength & self love, get in shape, revamp your look, release emotional baggage, etc.

When you bring your complete and full self to the table you’re better able to navigate the dating world with a sense of self worth and dignity. You’ll be able to shine like you were born to do, and prince charming will be able to spot you out effortlessly.

Belle’s it’s your moment to shine!  This is your time to get to know yourself and clearly define the characteristics in a mate that best suits you.  Well, go ahead kiss plenty of suitable frogs and enjoy the process, and before you know it ‘Poof’, prince charming will appear.

Are you enjoying the process of dating, or do you have utter frustration over it? What do you think is the cause of your circumstance?  What can you do differently to transform your entire experience?  Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


Shawna Kaye

Kay is a Lifestyle & Empowerment Enthusiast, and the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Blissed Out Belle™. Connect with her on Facebook here, and follow her on Twitter @IAmShawnaKaye .




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