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How To Get Your Business Groove Back!

How To Get Your Business Groove Back!

Big Ups to all the entrepreneurs and change-makers out there, I applaud you for taking the road less traveled! It can be the most thrilling experience, and at times it can feel so overwhelming causing you to loose your business groove.

Allow me to get candid for a moment by saying that I lost my groove at one point, however I’m happy to say that, “Mama got it back!”

Rewind to about 3 years ago, it was full steam ahead as I launched my business, and I was filled with fiery passion backed by beginners mind. Now fast-forward to about 2 years later, I was running on half the enthusiasm that I began with. So what happened?

I’ll let you know what happened in a second; however if like me you lost your business groove and want to know how to get it back, I’m here to offer up my candid experience along with the factors that impacted me, and suggest some solutions that may help you.

Factor # 1: The Passion Dwindled.

It’s a natural fact that passion waxes and wanes, however when you lose passion in your business that means you’ve lost sight of the vision as well. In any case, from my experience I lost sight of the vision because I allowed a few setbacks to shake me up. Indeed, setbacks happen to the best of us, but one setback after another might cause you to start losing passion and faith. In spite of this, I’m skilled at being resilient so I was able to turn my stumbling blocks into stepping-stones, while others in the same situation would’ve probably buckled under the pressure.

Solution # 1: Recall the Reason for Starting The Business, and Hold Tight to the Vision.

When you can recall your “Why” for starting a business, you can endure the “How”. As I refresh my memory for the reasons why I started my business, I recall several things, but my most compelling vision was ‘the freedom to manage my own time and do what I love’. My vision entailed traveling the world hosting workshops, speaking, and making an impact with my unique purpose.

Once I sat and reflected upon this, I thought about the opposite of that freedom, which was the constraints of a 9 to 5. Heck No! Just the thought of that gave me a big jolt that reignited my passion again. No offense to my corporate hustlers, but I’ll deal with the challenges of entrepreneurship any day instead of succumbing to the status quo existence of a cubicle. Nonetheless, the wisdom I gathered from that situation is that holding tight to the vision will magnetically pull you out of any rut, and give you the motivation to get back on track.

Factor #2: I Outgrew my Messaging & Market.

Another factor that played a part in me losing my business groove was that fact that I’d outgrown my messaging from when I originally launched. Over the course of 2 years I had evolved to the point where the audience who I was speaking too was no longer the person who I was, therefore it was difficult to relate. I started to feel disconnected from the people I set out to serve; and that’s when I became unclear about my messaging and who I felt passionate about serving. With that being said, it’s my duty to remain authentic in my work, as well as to my readers and supporters; therefore I knew something had to be done.

Solution #2: It’s time for a Rebrand !

Word to the wise; as you evolve the business has to up level and evolve as well; which meant for me a rebrand was on the horizon. Personally, I spent time reflecting upon my entrepreneurial journey, the impact I want to make, and the problem I’m called to solve in the world. In my contemplation I allowed spirit to guide me, and I came to some great insights. As a result of the insight, my work switched from helping women in unfulfilling careers, to supporting women in achieving their personal, leadership, and entrepreneurial goals! Accordingly, the messaging and marketing transformed to reflect that rebranding, which feels even more authentic and aligned. By the way, if you’ve outgrown your messaging I suggest you get support from a trusted brand or business strategist, so drop me a line if you need some guidance.

Factor #3: Playing Small to Stay Safe.

Being the world’s best-kept secret is of no use to anyone, if no one knows about you. In the past, I’ve been extremely excited about my business and wanted to shout it from the rooftop about my unique offerings, but hang ups about visibility got in the way of me unapologetically promoting my gifts and talents. Let’s be honest, no one wants to come off as the sleazy car salesmen who is pushy or annoying, and even the dread of negative responses might keep the best and brightest of us all playing small at times.

Solution #3: Uncover Limiting Beliefs & Do the Inner Work to Transform Them.

The secret to playing a bigger game in your business is to be brilliant at what you do, love what you do, and to keep your self-worth separate from your business success. Personally, I’m confident in my talents and absolutely love what I do; however I held an unconscious belief that my worth was tied to my business success. As a result of this belief I couldn’t allow myself to stumble and fall from grace in the eyes of the world, so it became much easier to play small in order to stay safe.

Once I uncovered this self-sabotaging belief, I began to do the inner work needed to transform my mindset. What was even more impactful for me was recalling the powerful speech by Theodore Roosevelt called “The Man In The Arena”. This particular quote helped me to reframe my beliefs around visibility, and empowered me to confidently move forward playing a much bigger game. With that being said, I know it’s hard to see the picture when you’re in it, so if you find yourself in a predicament where you’re playing small I suggest that you solicit the help of a coach or mentor to assist you in doing deep inner work to transform your beliefs; so if this what’s happening for you we can talk more about it one-on-one.

Factor # 4: Overworked & Burned Out

Last but not least, the ultimate cause that contributed to me losing my business groove was burn-out. I think this is the story for many solo entrepreneurs, because we’re trying to wear several hats at once. You could’ve called me superwoman, because I would gladly slap an ‘S’ on my chest and declare that I’m good, and I’ve got this all by myself. I was trying to play multiple roles as a writer, coach, copywriter, graphic designer, social media marketer, producer, and any other role for that matter. Who was I kidding; one person can’t fulfill all these roles without eventually becoming drained.

Solution #4: Build A Dream Team of Support Staff

That’s it! I acknowledged that help was needed but I was scared to trust anyone to execute any task with precision and attention to detail like I would; cause after all it is my baby! To make a long story short, I finally gave in and got an assistant, and I can say it’s one of the best things I’ve done. The best act of self-care for an entrepreneur is to have an assistant or team of support so you can stay on track, productive, and at your best. And did I mention that having a dream team of support helps to give you the freedom to do what you love; isn’t that the reason why we got into business in the first place!

At any rate, I hope you gained wisdom from my experience, as much as I got out of it. So, if you’re an entrepreneur who has seemed to lost your groove be sure to check-in with yourself and ask the following questions:

  • What will keep me focused and motivated when the passion is dwindling?
  • Have I outgrown my messaging or am I misaligned in my business model, and if so what do I need to change?
  • What hidden beliefs do I possess, that may be hindering my success?
  • Do I need more help and support to run my business, so I can be more productive and have more freedom?

I believe once you get all four areas into alignment, you’ll be on a role!

To getting your groove back,

Shawna Kaye



Now, I’d love to here from you!  Have you lost your groove in business, and what ways have you tried to get it back? What is your take away or insight from today’s post?

Express your thoughts, and join the conversation in the comments below. Share this post if you found it thought provoking, or if you know a friend who can benefit from this message today. 

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  • Yes yes yes yes yes to all of this! I went through my season of this too. And I’m finally coming out of it. I can relate to all of these points and I think the solutions are dead on. Thank you for sharing this candid insight into the real life of an entrepreneur.

    One of the things that also helped me during my burnout was realizing and accepting the seasons. I learned to go with how I’m feeling and plan around that. Be productive when I’m most ready to be active and chill when I need to rest and reflect. And setting the boundaries whether it be for the day or for the week or for the year honoring those boundaries and structure was helpful. Happy to have you back in your groove and happy to be here too.

    Great and oh so appropriately timed post!

    • She Dares, I’m glad you appreciate the post. My intention was to be as raw and open as possible, so others can learn from my experience.

  • I can relate to pretty much all of the above. My two biggest factors were burnout and shift in audience. I realized there is an audience that I would love to help but isn’t quite ready for me and an audience that is ready willing and able that I was neglecting. I had to shift my focus to understand who can really benefit from my services (and afford them) which in turn helps me work smarter and not harder.

  • Edwige A.

    Very informative! Thank you for this article! As I’m in the process of launching my business, I find this to be very informative.


    • You’re welcome Edwige. I wish you the best of luck in launching your business, and if you need any support feel free to reach out.


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