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How Purging Your Circle Is Crucial To Your Come Up

How Purging Your Circle Is Crucial To Your Come Up

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“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”, according to Jim Rohn; however many people underestimate the importance of the company they keep. When it comes to relationships we are greatly influenced, because who you surround yourself with can elevate just as much as bring you down. So if you find yourself feeling energetically drained, slacking off, or even stewing in negative thinking when surrounded by certain folks, then it’s time check your crew.

I’m speaking for myself as well, since I’ve had the urge to purge everything and anything in my life, which includes my circle. This may sound somewhat extreme however, as I’ve evolved as an individual in the process I outgrew some of my associates, friends, and even some relatives. It has taken me a while digest this truth, because letting go often brings up feelings of guilt, or can make me look like the bad-guy, however it must be done so I can step more fully into my potential. Ultimately, severing ties creates space for new opportunities, and people to come into your life that are better equipped at supporting you on your journey.

I agree that cutting ties with people can be a tough decision to make, however there will always be telltale signs that certain relationships should be put to rest. To kick-start your evaluation process, write down the 3-5 people you engage with the most on a piece of paper, and ask yourself: How ambitious are they? Does their life and attitude inspire you? Do they push you forward with your goals, or do they tell you that your ideas won’t work? The questions are endless, however for more advice to help you continue the process of taking inventory on your friendships, watch today’s Dream Hustle Inspirational video, called “How Purging Your Circle Is Crucial To Your Come Up “. After watching this short video, feel free to share your thoughts and comments.

I hope you enjoyed these valuable tips in this video. Now, I’d love to here from you! What’s one piece of advice from the show that you will implement today? What is your biggest take away or insight?

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