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Following Your Passion or Purpose: Why & What’s The Difference?

Following Your Passion or Purpose: Why & What’s The Difference?

I’m finally going to bury the hatchet once and for all, when it comes to the difference between Passion and Purpose. If you can recall back in #DreamHustle episode # 6 The Keys to Creating Career Happiness & Fulfillment, I mentioned the significance of knowing the difference between the two, and not getting confused by either one of them. On one hand, you have a set of entrepreneurs and influencers’ telling you to follow your passion, and then another set of folks telling you to follow your purpose. Anyways, but what does that mean, and why the heck should you care?

The reason you should care is that it makes a difference between chasing a mirage in the desert, as opposed to fulfilling your highest potential. So, what’s a person to do?

I have my own ideas about Passion or Purpose, but first let me clarify the difference. Passion is a specific hobby, activity, or cause that you choose which excites you, and serves your special interests. You may or may not be necessarily good at it, but it brings you joy anyhow. Passion is also the motivation and enthusiasm you have for that particular thing, and with that being said your passion can change at anytime.

A good example of this, is that earlier on in my life I had a “passion for fashion”. That drive for the fashion industry led me to get my degree and pursue a career in it, but sometime later I lost interest in it, therefore my passion for it died. Let’s face it, passion just like motivation comes and goes, therefore it’s inconsistent and unstable.

As far as Purpose is concerned, it has always been apart of you since the day you were born. We came already equipped with our special gift, talents, and strengths, and it exits as a means to serve others on the planet. When you look back at your life you can see you’ve been doing it all along. Unlike passion, which is very specific; purpose exits in a universal way without a distinct time, location, audience, title, or position. Therefore, the best way to describe purpose is that it’s your North Star or internal GPS that guides your direction to the fulfillment of your unique contribution and the achievement of your full potential.

Case in point, something that comes naturally to me and is my innate purpose, is the fact that I can take a vision and bring it from concept to creation with ease. According to my friends and family, “I’m brilliant at getting ish done!” Since day one, I’ve always taken bold action to make my creative vision a reality, so no wonder I chose earlier on in life to work in the fashion industry, because it mainly consists of bringing fashion ideas to life on a regular basis.

In general, purpose is the direction you’re heading in, and passion is the motor that gets you there. You can always change the motor, or the motivation, but the direction will always remain the same. Therefore, to live a fulfilling life, both must go hand in hand. I’m sure you can clearly see the difference between the two by now, and I’ve even created a chart for you below as a guide.

Passion Purpose
You choose a Passion. You were born with a Purpose.
It brings you joy, and it serves your own interests. It brings you joy, and serves others.
You enjoy doing it whether you’re good at it or not. You enjoy doing it, and you’re naturally great at what you do.
It consists of a particular activity, hobby, or vocation. It consists of your natural gifts, talents, and strengths.
Your passion can change. Your purpose remains consistent.
It’s your motivation and enthusiasm. It’s the direction your heading in.

At any rate, obviously it doesn’t have to be an either or situation when it comes to Passion & Purpose, because you can have the best of both worlds! As you can see your purpose is not tied to any particular job, title, or position; those factors come in when you add the passion piece to it.

When I was working in the fashion industry I was still using my purpose back then, although there were infinite avenues in which I could’ve expressed it, but I chose the path that I was most passionate about at that time.

Now, to connect the Passion & Purpose puzzle pieces together you must know what your purpose is, then you can ask yourself the following questions: How can I use my purpose in a way that ignites my passion in service of others? Who am I most passionate about serving? Personally, to answer the previous questions I would say I’m passionate about serving female entrepreneurs and leaders, helping them to take confident action to bring their Creative Business Visions to Life!

Now, I’d like to circle back around to you. Maybe you know what your purpose is, but you’re not using your gifts and talents in a way that ignites your passion. On the other hand, you maybe passionate about a particular thing, but it doesn’t give you the opportunity to maximize your purpose, or serve those you’re most excited about. If this is the case for you, the main thing here is to figure out what’s holding you back, so you can confidently move forward in the joyous fulfillment of your highest potential. No matter what the case is, if you follow your Purpose; the Passion will come!

To the best of both worlds,

Shawna Kaye



Now, I’d love to here from you! Are you following your Passion or Purpose in life, or both? How significant is it that you follow either one? What is your take away or insight from today’s post?

Express your thoughts, and join the conversation in the comments below. Share this post if you found it thought provoking, or if you know a friend who can benefit from this message today. 

PS: If you’re a entrepreneurial woman who wants’ to take confident action in your Life & Business so you can fulfill your highest potential, let’s chat to see how I can support you. 

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