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Category Archives: Peace of Mind

Are You Secretly Competing With Your Friends?

Goodness gracious, don’t be that girl! You know who she is; that chick that tries to out do, out wit, and out last her friends on the low-low. She always has a condescending remark, quick to point out the negative, or is downright judgmental. She’s that girl every time you mention something great about your


Don't Call Me Crazy, Call Me Woman!

My blood boils when I’m in a heated discussion, and a man calls me crazy. Really, if you think this is crazy, you don’t know what real crazy is! Don’t you just hate it when someone calls you crazy just to sike you out, and have you questioning your own good judgment? We woman have


News Flash: Women of Color Get Eating Disorders Too!

Who would of thought that an eating disorder, would come knocking on my door, yet it did! I’ll never forget the time when I received the phone call informing me that my little sister had pass out in school. I was living in NYC at the time and was really confused as to what was


Video Spotlight: Sex Appeal… The "Miss Representation"

“Sex sells”, or so you think. The exploitation of women’s bodies in the media imposes pressure on women to live up to outrageous standards, and as a consequence incites insecurities. The video your about to view is a snippet from the documentary Miss Representation. Miss Representation explores the glass ceiling that many women in the media



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