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On The Scene: The Survival Race

If your idea of fun is pushing yourself physically and mentally, then you’re just like me; daring! My idea of fun can be a little out-of-the-box at times, for example skydiving, but I enjoy any experience that is action packed with adventure. All things considered, I thought it would be great to get down and


Meet Fashion Belle: Melissa Chanel

Name: Melissa Chanel Location: NYC Blog: Twitter: @MelissaChanel2 Instagram: @MelissaChanel Facebook:     How would you describe your sense of style? Melissa Chanel: I would call my style Edgy and Chic. I bring daring and fun to your typical everyday girl. It’s exciting for me because I think when people see my face or


FIERCE Style Friday: Vann Collections

When it comes to fierce fashion, one-of-a-kind pieces, and styling services look no further than the Vann Collections. Vann Collections was founded in 2012 by Travian Vann, a designer and stylist based in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Vann initially got her start up-cycling vintage clothing for editorial shoots with celebrity photographers Brandon Woods (@bwoodsphotography) and


Wake Up! Maybe It's Time To Face The Truth

“La, la, la I can’t hear you”, is what a child utters with hands clasped to their ears attempting to block out any form of explanation or truth. This scenario may be a fond distant childhood memory, but what this represents is exactly what many adults do when the truth is revealed to them, block


Mr. Intellect: Burning Bridges Out Of Choice Or Force?

Recently, I had a chance to witness some people burn bridges, and it made me ponder to myself whether this was a good practice or not? These actions made me wonder how I would personally go about this in the future. Generally, there wouldn’t be so much thought placed on this situation because I would considered



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