Day 4: Step Up & Stand Out!

In today's lesson, you'll get clear on your unique selling proposition, and develop your unique brand identity, messaging, and strategy that attracts and resonates with your ideal clients, and serves as the foundation for all of your platforms.

Lesson 4 Assignment:

After watching the video, complete the following assignment and post your activity in the Manifest Your Empire group with the hashtag #BGYEDay4.

Today I want you to refresh or update your social media platforms. We want you to STAND OUT and have tons of likes, followers, grow your audience, and most importantly make sure your pages are accurate representations of you and your brand.

1. Google Yourself: You need to understand what is out there on the world wide web that is about you. Be sure you use quotation marks around your name to come up with the most accurate results.

2. See yourself as other's do: Take a critical eye on all you are doing with your social media and your branding. From website to social media post, you need to see yourself as other people do. What message are you putting out there? What do you want to be known for? What makes you different from the rest? Are you putting your best personal brand image into the world?

3. Consistent Branding: Be consistent in your bios, headshots, and brand colors. You want to be remembered but that can be very difficult if all you do looks different all the time. Make sure your website, social networks, business cards and all other marketing come together in a cohesive brand.


  • More than any other social network, LinkedIn is the most important when it comes to having a great professional headshot.

  • Keep your work and educational information up to date
  • Craft a compelling headline for your profile as it is seen inside search results
  • Fill out your profile completely, using keywords throughout your profile.

  • Tell your whole professional story. Ensure the profile is written as if it were speaking directly to your target audience

  • Get at least 10 recommendations for your current business/role


  • Make sure to update your Facebook bio. Keep a current profile picture, links to your website or a link to another social media platform. Clearly state what you do.
  • Use your cover image to show off your personality. Remember that profile cover images are seen by the public regardless of your security settings.

  • Customize your privacy settings so what you do not want to be seen by everyone, is hidden.

    Twitter/ Periscope / Instagram

  • The platforms are different but the bios need to say very similar things.
  • Have your professional headshot up. People on Twitter would much rather interact with a person than a logo.
  • Your first line should say who you are.
  • Your second line should tell what you do.
  • Your third line should include your website or contact information.

4. Lead With Value: Leading with value means you bring something of value to the table. You give something of value to your connections, clients and prospects. You become known as a valuable asset by leading with value rather than leading with a sales pitch. People remember those who care.

  • Share great content about your industry and interest. Let your personal brand be reflected in sharing your expertise and interest.
  • Don't just push content. Engaging with people is one of the most powerful things you can do on Twitter.

  • Make sure to update your Facebook bio. Keep a current profile picture, links to your website or a link to another social media platform. Clearly state what you do.

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