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Attack Of The Dream Killers

“Aha….I got it!” Another brilliant idea had suddenly popped in my head, and I couldn’t wait to share it with my friends and family. As I sought the support and approval of the people closest to me, I began to disclose my latest plans, but to my surprise my idea didn’t receive rave reviews. So, what’s the big deal? Sounds like they came down with the case of the ‘Dream Killers‘!

Dream Killers’ would consider themselves realists, though I would consider them as uber pessimists. These are the individuals that project their own limitations onto others; and some of them mean well and others don’t. The ones that mean well, don’t want to see you get hurt by having your hopes too high and getting disappointed. On the other hand, there are those who aim to discourage or sabotage at all cost, because in their mind if your winning; their losing.

The malicious dream killers’ have intent to inflict hurt, discourage, and minimize the attempts of others. These are the people who usually sit on the sidelines not being key players in their own lives. These are the Fault Finders, Negative Nancy’s, and the crabs-in-a-bucket. They can’t help but give you a reason why you can’t do something, as opposed figuring out ways that you can. Negative dream killers’ squirm in their bed at night because they are uncomfortable in their own skin, and are completely unhappy with their life. These are the realist or pessimists of life, who were probably disappointed in the past, because they gave up on their own dreams. It’s unfortunate that this exists, however you can be triumphant even without support.

No support, what now? This is where relying on your own inner strength comes in. I’ve come to realize that when you set out into new terrains, it will be a journey you will have to take on your own, and not everyone will be supportive. If you feel as passionate about your aspirations as you do, your attempts will be unwavering. No one can never really kill your dreams unless you allow them to, and if they succeed that means that your conviction was never strong to begin with. Faith in yourself and your abilities is what will get you through to your goal. Not to mention, that when you lack certain skills and know-how, it’s your duty to conduct the research, find a mentor, or take a class, etc. Acquiring all the necessary skills will offer you a boost, even in the most disheartening situations.

The overall best way to deal with dream killers is to avoid them completely. “But, what if dream killers are in your family?” Obviously you must communicate with your family, but keep your dreams to yourself until they have manifested. If you must share your plans with someone, confined in someone you trust, and who is your biggest cheerleader. When your feeling low, an encouraging voice will pick you up when you’re dragging your feet and remind you of the ultimate achievement.

It’s your responsibility to see your dreams through to completion. So at this point, you can kick the excuse of lack-of-support to the curb and focus on developing unshakeable conviction and essential skills, to ago ahead and spring into action. Remember my friends, it’s your dream, and with a blend of courage and persistence you can achieve your hearts desires regardless of support.

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.”     Henry David Thoreau 

How have you dealt with dream killers in your life? Have they succeeded in discouraging you from your dreams? Why? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


Shawna Kaye

Kaye is a Lifestyle & Empowerment Enthusiast, and the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Blissed Out Belle™. Connect with her on Facebook here, and follow her on Twitter @IAmShawnaKaye .

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  • Monei

    Unfortunately dream killers are everywhere… One must believe in their dreams and abilities to succeed in their life… great article 🙂


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