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Shawna Kaye

Welcome, I'm so glad you can join me! If you're a woman on a mission to breakthrough obstacles and accomplish your Divine Purpose & Dreams, then you're in the right place!

It's my mission to help you successfully navigate the journey to birthing your vision, while living your best life now!

✔ Are you fed up with running in circles trying to reach your dreams, and are finally ready to ditch the struggle? 

✔ Do you want to feel happy & fulfilled knowing you have clarity about the next steps to reach your goals, and live your purpose?

✔ Want to release the feeling of burnout & overwhelm, and enjoy more time for what you love?

✔ Want to enjoy the support, connection, and success that come from having a mentor and a Dream Team of like-minded friends?

Fortunately for you, I provide workshops, mentoring, inspiration, and an awesome community of like-minded women that can help support you and your goals. As you know team work, makes the dream work, and everyone in this community wants you to win; so go ahead and join my free mastermind group of allies!

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#DreamHustle Ep. 11: Transform Bad Habits Using The Power of Mindfulness!

#DreamHustle Ep. 11: Transform Bad Habits Using The Power of Mindfulness!

Hey Dream Hustler ! I’ve recently learned more about a powerful habit that several successful CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and leaders use to change their habits for the better, and manifest amazing results in their life! The secret weapon I’m referring to is “mindfulness“. I’m sure you’ve heard the term before, but did you know that you

How To Get Your Business Groove Back!

How To Get Your Business Groove Back!

Big Ups to all the entrepreneurs and change-makers out there, I applaud you for taking the road less traveled! It can be the most thrilling experience, and at times it can feel so overwhelming causing you to loose your business groove. Allow me to get candid for a moment by saying that I lost my groove at